Great Strategies You Can Use To Increase Home Efficiency

Building a home is completely different from building an efficient home. Building an efficient home should be your plan especially if you intend to settle in an area whose climate is relatively mild, and with dry and wet seasons at times. It’s possible to get from competent builders Perth has today a few of the tactics you can use to own an efficient home. Relying on doors and windows alone for quality ventilation may not be effective. According to most reputable home builders, here are some of the strategies you can use to build an efficient home:

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Adequate insulation

A super-insulated home feels like another smaller paradise you need for relaxation purposes. It’s important to discuss with competent builders Perth has today on what you can do to improve the quality of insulation in the home you intend to build. Some of the suggestions you may receive from experienced builders include adding insulated rigid foam to the slab. Another option would be filling the trusses under the roof and walls with cellulose insulation. Structural insulated panels with a foam core could also be effective in boosting home insulation.

Airtight building

It’s important to know that air-change rate is the major determiner of the air-tightness of a home. This air-change rate refers to the hourly rate at which the outside air exchanges with the indoor air. To know the home’s air change per hour, your home builder would compare the volume of the air leaving and entering the house with the volume of the heated air in the house. Most builders Perth WA has today assert that the air-change rate in most homes ranges from one to four.


If a home is leaky, it would be highly dependent on the bathroom’s exhaust fan to stay insulated. It would also depend on a vented hood to remove fumes from the house or regulate humidity. However, it’s good to note that such systems are not effective in recycling the heat. Due to this, more hot air leaves your house leaving it poorly ventilated. When looking for ventilation systems, it’s important to let a Perth new home builder to suggest to you some of the ventilation systems known to be up to 95 percent efficient. Such systems reduce cooling loads during summer, decrease heating loads in winter, and conserve room temperature for maximum comfort.

Passive heating

Most of the heat in a home comes from the appliances therein, occupants and the sun. When sunlight streams in the house through the windows and doors, the indoor heat is likely to increase. Most home heating systems go off during cold sunny days leading to warmer indoor temperatures. If you have a reliable Perth new home builder WA has today, you should ask them about passive heating, and how effective it is in making a home more efficient.

A home with enhanced efficiency offers exceptional comfort. Moreover, such a home doesn’t need to depend on fossil fuels to regulate insulation. Most of the features that increase efficiency in homes come with upfront costs. Professional builders Perth has today who have been in the building industry for a long time would affirm that the cost of features that increase efficiency in a home is much lesser compared to the huge operating costs they would help you save.